3 Ways To Utilize MQM To Generate High-Quality Leads Consistently

“Qualified meetings are the next big thing in the sales and marketing industry.” Almost every major pioneer of this sector has repeated this, and will continue to do so many times over to many different audiences. But what you hear less often (if at all) from these thought leaders – ironically enough – is how exactly we can make them happen for our businesses before it’s too late again.

In a world where the global lockdown has left us living in constant fear, we will find that lead generation and qualification is almost completely virtualized. To retain (and increase) sales efficiencies across the board, marketing team members have taken it upon themselves to improve their conversion rates with Lead Conversion Funnels which include qualified leads by using both SQM and MQM strategies. This has ensured that lead conversion would stay a more reliable process than other strategies, even during economic crises and shutdowns.

Before moving onto how to utilize MQM to generate high-quality leads consistently, it is important to understand what MQM is. You can read all about the basics of MQM here.

Why should I utilize MQM?

How can I use MQM to bring in high-quality leads?

You can follow various ways to ensure that your MQMs are effectively generating high-quality leads consistently. However, there are three major ways in which you can guarantee that your MQMs are being utilized to the maximum, with minimal, seldom intervention required.

  • MQM before SQL:

Qualified meetings are a way to filter out prospects that have been pre-qualified by the corresponding team. This ensures that the sales-time density of the organization remains high. But if that is the case, why do we recommend conducting MQM before SQL, not after?

This is because once you filter your prospects out using MQL, it is much more efficient to move onto SQL post-MQM, as by this time the prospects have a broad idea of everything you offer and the relationship they can expect. This ensures that their flow through your pipeline is a smooth transient experience for them while helping your team record the potential clients’ responses much more accurately.

  • MQM after MQL:

While MQM is a highly effective service and is already a part of conventional KPI measurements, it is also very resource and time-intensive. To keep them worth the effort put into such sessions, the corresponding teams must qualify their leads on paper before moving onto conducting qualified meetings.

In our context, marketing teams are required to MQL before MQM, and sales teams are required to SQL before SQM. This is popularly represented by the Lead Conversion Funnel, which represents approximately what percentage of your previous prospective client base can be converted into customers, ultimately.

  • Always SQM:

Irrespective of how well your MQM goes, it is a mandated necessity that you and your company do not skip out on sales-qualified meetings (SQM). MQMs, in the lead conversion gauntlet, are necessary to move your prospect along the conversion pipeline, so that the transition between MQL and SQL stays very smooth.

However, it is ultimately the success of your SQM that determines whether your prospect becomes your customer – a buying, spending customer, and the decision-maker of future purchases with your business. We have explained why it is better to have qualified meetings with decision-makers of your B2B lead here.

At FunnL, B2B lead generation and qualified meetings are our only services. With over 25,000 meetings having been successfully conducted by our team of professionals and experts, there is a reason we are a global pioneer when it comes to SQM and MQM. Contact us today, and give yourself an edge over other organizations competing for your prospects.


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