3 Tips for Generating More Small Business Leads

how to generate small business leads


The technique of lead creation for company owners is not entirely new. It can be difficult for small firms, especially those with little expertise in digital marketing. Despite effective marketing and sales teams, you may not produce enough quality leads for small businesses. Maybe it’s time to apply the techniques that many successful businesses do.


Growing and scaling your current business is challenging without consistent lead-generating activities. After all, it’s a way to have meaningful conversations with the target audience. You can achieve long-term success from your loyal customer base by generating more powerful leads.


This article demonstrates three practical tips to generate small business leads with a few words about different lead types. Let’s get started:


3 Valuable Tips To Generate Business Leads


Although there are several techniques to succeed at lead generation, you should use as many of them as possible. However, we are here to know and understand three valuable tips that will help you create more small business leads. 


1. Create unavoidable lead magnets


lead magnet is a free offer you give in exchange for people’s contact information. It can be a free guide, checklist, ebook, quiz, template, etc. 


We’ve all probably seen this before!


On the internet, if you’ve ever downloaded anything that requires your email address, then you probably opted for a lead magnet before. SMS marketing is also a good lead magnet strategy to collect people’s phone numbers. Collecting information this way seems effective since the people have already interacted with your business. It means they are not entirely in the dark about your business.


You need to play this game carefully. Below are the two significant elements a lead magnet should be based on:


  • Usefulness

Whatever solutions you offer must be useful to your customers so they can solve their problems without paying you. If a lead magnet appears beneficial to them, you can expect an increase in conversion rate. However, according to 35.4% of surveyed B2B marketers, it is challenging to create qualified leads since customers don’t understand the value of their service (source). Simply put, it’s not the customers’ fault, but theirs! That’s why being useful is necessary.


  • Relevance

A lead magnet should be directly related to your business. While creating a lead magnet, you should ensure that it tells people why they should choose your company rather than others. By sending relevant information, you guide them to solve their problems. As a result, you earn high-quality leads when they are happy with your solutions.


Optimize your web pages more often


If you frequently invest your time optimizing your website for search engines like Google and Bing, your target audience looking for information about a product or service online is more likely to come across it. By adhering to best practices and incorporating suitable keywords into the structure and content of your website in strategic locations, search engine optimization (SEO) works to increase the visibility of your website in search results.


When your web pages rank higher in search engine result pages (SERPs) through organic searches, your online visibility increases to a great extent. So, working on SEO is crucial to generating organic small business leads. This tactic is cost-effective compared to running paid ads on various online platforms. To improve SEO, focus on the noteworthy elements, such as


  • Create an attractive and engaging Google My Business profile using appropriate keywords.
  • Use keywords in your website’s material after doing in-depth keyword research. 
  • Make your website content SEO-friendly.

Revamp your referral strategy


A referral strategy is effective in a unique way. It is how 84% of B2B decision-makers begin the purchasing process (source).


Referrals from satisfied customers are the primary source of leads for many small businesses in many industries. Since it doesn’t heavily rely on the internet and is effectively free advertising, you benefit from it economically. A satisfied client may suggest your services as a solution if they learn that a colleague is having a similar problem.


You can incentivize happy consumers to tell their friends about your business with a referral program. It encourages customers to recommend others, generating effective small business leads. You may plan this strategy so that each party (your customers and the people they refer to) receives a discount or even a free item on their subsequent purchase.


Studies show that customers referred by a friend, colleague, or another customer have a 16% higher lifetime value than non-referred ones (source).


Any small business owner or entrepreneur who is successful in their niche is also successful at lead generating. The reality is that this strategy is assisting them in building a healthy sales funnel. The best are the ones who are determined, don’t give up easily, and love to experiment with new things.


So, if you’re also one of them, go ahead with these three powerful tips to generate more small business leads and grow better.


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