3 Simple Ways To Personalize Emails At Scale

Despite the rise of social media and the proliferation of thousands of internet marketing tools, email marketing remains a viable option. Email allows you to personalize your message in ways other tools cannot. Personalizing your emails is one of the most effective ways to reach your intended audience. However, this seems complicated when you’ve got a large number to hit! Of course, you can’t spend time designing unique emails for each customer. So, in this blog post, we will show you three quick wins for personalizing your emails at scale:


1. Determine all possible potential decision makers for your ideal account profile

Marketers understand the importance of creating an ICP (ideal customer profile), but many overlook the need to create a perfect account profile. After you’ve created your ICP, you’ll need to determine which potential decision-makers can fit your ideal account profile. By adequately segmenting and targeting your leads, you’ll be able to scale your prospecting. Don’t skip this step!


2. Time and relevance

When your email is relevant to your customer’s needs and delivered at the appropriate time, your message automatically stands out in their crowded and cluttered inbox. But how do you craft a pertinent email?


We have a plethora of information at our fingertips, but we don’t always take advantage of the opportunities it provides. Placing a company’s name and location is standard practice, but you can further improve your personalization efforts by following the below methods:


  • Try researching your target company on LinkedIn or Twitter to find something relevant to them.
  • Include your customers’ touchpoints and demonstrate how your product relates to their pain points, giving them a reason to respond.
  • Use the right tone and language to match your customer’s words.
  • Find common ground to show them that you care about their needs and requirements.

All you have to do is try to pitch their concerns and desires to you so that they feel more comfortable reaching you.

Contacting customers at the right time is critical, and sending timely emails with personalized and relevant content can result in higher click-through rates and a significant increase in ROI.


3. Do not make it look like a sales pitch!

Your email should not sound like a sales pitch but rather like a normal conversation. Your words can fall flat if you use too many “I” statements in your message. Your customers have little time to shift their focus elsewhere. So don’t waste your time prancing around. They don’t mind who you are, but you can help solve their problems. Instead, tailor your email to your customer’s interests.


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We hope the three simple tips discussed above will help you cut through the noise of today’s modern email inbox and stand out in a sea of “marketing” and “advertising” emails. When you add these simple tactics to your automation tool or sales platform, your email marketing becomes even more impactful and results in higher conversion rates! You must continuously test and iterate your content and personalization variables to optimize your open rates and responses.


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