3 Features To Look For In A Sales Engagement Platform

Today, sales are highly driven by insights. The most successful sales teams rely on a combination of present technology and human expertise to ensure they’re selling the right product to the right prospect. In an era of such intense competition, organizations of all sizes are turning to sales engagement platforms to manage their workload.


Whether a small business owner launching a pre-seed startup or a prominent business owner supervising the entire enterprise, sales engagement platforms can help you optimize every stage of the sales cycle. But how should you evaluate these tools? What features should you consider before choosing such platforms for your business? This guide will cover all that and help you select a suitable sales engagement platform for your company. 


So if you are planning to step into a sales engagement platform, here are the three main features to look for:


1. Productivity 


Your salespeople are so swamped with uncountable tasks that they spend less than 36% of their time on selling (source). However, with the right sales engagement platform, your reps can focus more on their primary job, “sales.”


Hence, when choosing a platform, figure out whether your sales engagement platform can elevate the output of your sales team. Additionally, determine whether your platform can offer you various options such as automated data logging, email automation, call automation, automatic dialer, and task management. If your sales engagement platform provides such a feature, your manual tasks can be taken off your plate, giving you more time to focus on important sales meetings.


2. Personalization


Did you know that personalized email campaigns can boost sales by 20%? (source)Personalized emails can make your prospects feel valued, so try to discover whether your platform includes customization features.


Make sure your platform enables you to craft personalized email templates and collect the necessary data to make customized calls. If your platform lacks such a  feature, you can simultaneously send personalized messages to only a handful of prospects, which isn’t feasible. So do look for the personalized feature while evaluating a sales engagement platform for your company. 


3. Prioritization


The third feature you need to look for in the sales engagement platform is prioritization. If your chosen platform has this feature, it can take all the guesswork out of your sales activity. Guesswork can sometimes produce better results, but it can also result in time wasted with no results. So setting priorities is essential for your sales activity. In addition, the prioritization feature of the sales engagement platform can provide you with much more informative details about what needs to be done next by indicating who to contact, how to contact them, and what to say.


Suppose you are considering such a feature in the sales engagement platform. In that case, you need to ensure whether your platform delivers you with options such as a sales email cadence solution, the ability to counsel representatives on the next best actions, automatically triggered sequences based on preset criteria, intelligent lead response routing, and alerting.


Here are some FAQs about Sales Engagement Platforms that may help you learn more about them!


We hope the guidelines outlined above can assist you in locating a suitable sales engagement platform for your business. However, before deciding on a sales engagement platform, ask your teammates what features they prefer so your chosen platform can deliver the desired results for your company.


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