10 Essential Sales Prospecting Tools to Help You Close Deals Quickly

10 Sales Prospecting Tools

Are you tired of lugging around your phonebook and counting the hours until someone finally buys what you’re selling? 


Look no further: We’ve got a list that you won’t be able to say ‘NO’ to. 


We’ve compiled ten essential sales prospecting tools every business should have to help close deals faster and improve overall revenue growth.


Here is the list of prospecting tools we have covered: Check out


  1. Funnl
  2. LinkedIn sales navigator
  3. Crunchbase
  4. Leadfeeder
  5. Hubspot sales
  6. Lusha
  7. Vainu
  9. Voila Norbert
  10. Zoominfo

Now, let’s in-detail and explore!


10 Best Sales Prospecting Tools To Close Deals Quickly


sales prospecting tool check list

1. Funnl


FunnL offers marketers an effortless resource to access and engage highly-qualified prospects quickly. 


With its simple, straightforward AI approach, the platform saves time by eliminating complex processes while delivering top prospects for sales conversions.


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AI Prospecting Tool Features: 


  • Provides 25 free prospects. 
  • Automated campaign.
  • Laser focus targeting.
  • Pipeline management.
  • AI recommended 5M+ Campaign-driven best-fit prospects.
  • Automated sales-qualified meetings.
  • Forecasting analysis and reporting.
  • OpenAI ChatGPT-powered campaign messaging.

Funnl SaaS Price: A limited version is FREE. The starter plan starts at $49/month, and the professional plan is $99/month.



LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers many helpful features for salespeople wanting to make the most of their search for prospects. With its advanced filters and detailed profiles, this tool ensures users can quickly discover potential prospects that perfectly suit their needs.




  • Advanced search capabilities.
  • Prospect list building and management.
  • Lead qualification.
  • Personalized prospect outreach.
  • Third-party Integration.

Sales Navigator Price: Paid versions start at $79/month


3. Crunchbase


Crunchbase is an all-in-one prospecting solution. Its new features streamline your workflow, and advanced searching helps you find accounts that perfectly fit into your ICP and are likely to convert.




  • Verified contact data.
  • Personalized outreach capabilities.
  • Real-time notification.
  • Integrates outbound and inbound prospecting.

Crunchbase Price: A limited version is available for free. Paid plans start at $29/month.


4. Leadfeeder


Leadfeeder is a SaaS B2B lead-generation solution for businesses everywhere. It helps you capture more prospects by looking at who is visiting your website and monitoring their activity to help identify qualified prospects for your business. 




  • CRM integration.
  • Email integration.
  • Sales Intelligence
  • Lead scoring.
  • Pipeline management.
  • Sales reporting and tracking.

Leadfeeder Price: It costs $79 per month.


importance of lead qualification


5. Hubspot sales hub


With HubSpot Sales, you can revolutionize sales prospecting with how you interact with your leads. Its powerful CRM helps streamline the sales pipeline and offers a comprehensive sales solution.




  • Automated CRM database.
  • Lead segmentation.
  • Automated workflows.
  • Email analytics.

Price: A limited version is free as part of Hubspot’s Sales Hub. Prices start at $45, $450, and $1,200 monthly.


6. Lusha


Lusha is a sales intelligence and prospecting tool for professionals looking to make meaningful connections with leads, contacts, and prospects. It offers robust data enrichment services that will help you quickly find verifiable information on your prospects so that you can start building valuable relationships immediately.




  • Advanced report analytics.
  • Accurate contact data.
  • Data segmentation and filtering.
  • Lead building and monitoring.
  • Integration with CRM and other automation tools.

Price: Starts at $59 monthly and includes a free extension with limited features. It also offers a free trial.


7. Vainu 


Vainu is a B2B sales prospecting and intelligence tool for savvy businesses. With comprehensive data and seamless multi-platform integration, users can enjoy quick access to pertinent information with a simplified user experience.




  • Client database with verified contact information.
  • Lead verification/validation.
  • Lead database integration.
  • Workflow management.

Price: A limited version is available for free. For more features, paid plans start at $7181.26 annually with an inclusive, one-time onboarding fee.


8. provides a comprehensive sales automation solution that optimizes cold email outreach. Its AI-powered features automatically determine which leads are most interested in hearing from you and convert them into clients.




  • Chrome extension. 
  • Native CRM integration.
  • Laser focus targeting.
  • Multichannel sequences.

Price: This sales engagement tool costs $60 per user/month. The email warmup tool starts at $29 per account/month. The email finder tool offers a free version for users.


9. Voila Norbert


Voila Norbert can quickly and accurately locate someone’s email address with just a name and company, making networking effortless. This email finder tool also helps schedule emails or set reminders to ensure no opportunity slips through your fingers.




  • Bulk/single email verification.
  • Email tracker.
  • Lead enrichment.
  • Export/ import data.

Price: Free trial; paid plans starting at $49/month.


10. Zoominfo


ZoomInfo is a sales intelligence platform that helps businesses with a comprehensive database of actionable B2B contact and company information. With this information, the sales team can better communicate with prospects with the strongest intent to buy.




  • Lead builder.
  • Integration to CRM.
  • Data Enrichment.
  • Data segmentation.
  • Lead analysis.
  • Reporting on market insights.

Price: They provide a free trial, and you can obtain a quotation for their pricing plans based on your requirements.


Closing deals quickly is essential for growing businesses, and having the right sales prospecting tools can make all the difference.  


The key to a successful sales prospecting process lies in your chosen tools. Determining which tool works best for your industry is essential, as every business has different needs. Whether it’s automating outreach or tracking down new leads, the sales prospecting tools you choose should have everything you need to find success.


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